Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Round #2 MTN National DH series

The second round of the MTN national series was held in our hometown of pietermaritzburg on one the best courses we have had to date. There was such a good mix of pure technical sections, flat out pedalling to test the fitness and then fast flowing single track with loads of jumps and corners to the finish. The event was a huge success, firstly the race organisers did such a good job in putting the event together and making sure it ran smoothly. Secondly from a rider’s point of view, there were no problems the whole weekend, we got nothing but good reports from all who rode the track and the shuttle system worked out really well. And thirdly from a spectators point of view, there were large crowds lining the course which is what we need, the more people see the sport and realise that there’s more to Downhill than just putting your brain in a bucket at the top and going balls to the wall, the more people will get involved and help our sport grow.

I changed my approach to the weekends racing, instead of competing against the other riders and aiming for a good result, I focused more on pushing myself to reach a personal goal I had set in my mind for the weekend’s race. My first run went well, I pedalled hard where I could and managed to keep it clean. I finished with a 4:28 which placed me 7th overall and 3rd elite men. I was happy with that, but again wasn’t racing for positions, I was racing against myself and the clock. My goal sitting in the start gate was to knock 2 seconds off my previous time. So I left the gate and pushed it to the edge, got super loose down some of the fast sections but it was the best feeling ever. I have never been so happy with a run, it came together better than I thought and I managed to knock those 2 seconds off which satisfied me more than the 4th overall and 3rd elite.

It was an awesome weekends racing, I finally got the podium finish that I’ve been chasing for so long, so now just gotta keep it up! Well done to Tim on an amazing run, and Hayds for coming so close to that second place! Thanks to My dad and Brian for putting an incredible national together.

Overall results for the day:
1) Tim Bentley
2) Johann Potgieter
3) Hayden Brown
4) Travis Browning
5) Tiaan Odendaal

Will post some pics as soon as I get them.

Ride safe,TB

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