Friday, September 3, 2010

World champs here I come....

So after alot of decision making, Internet surfing, google earth research, and different travel method options I have finally booked and payed for my flight to Quebec to watch the world champs. I catch a train from Woodstock early Saturday morning (about 30 minutes from where I live) to downtown Toronto where I have 4 hours to kill before I catch a ferry across to Toronto airport. I'm not flying from Toronto international, this is a smaller domestic airport on an island across from city. An hour and a half later I'll land in Quebec city which is about 50kms from Mt St Anne. Not sure how I'm getting to my destination from the airport just yet, gonna wing it and make something happen when I land. I fly back on Tuesday, leaves me a bit of time to tour Quebec and see another part of Canada. Really looking forward to supporting my SA buddies, and watching a world class event different to any other world cup race during the year! I'm gonna say the podium will look like this:

1) Greg Minnaar
2) Gee Atherton
3) Sam Blenkinsop

Proudly South African.

Will upload photos when I get back.

Ride safe,

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