Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First contact

Hey all

So finally arrived and settling down in Canada. The past few days have been very lazy for me, 6 hour time difference is taking some getting used to. The flight was really long, total trip time was about 35 hours. All my luggage arrived which was a huge relief. However customs in Toronto did manage to lose my rotors when they opened my box to check if I was smuggling any small animals into the country so that's on my list of things to buy once I find a bike shop. As i arrived we caught the subway into Toronto and walked around the city, was blown away by the amount of people and the infrastructure, sad to say Howick has nothing on that place! then we drove about 3 hours to get to Pam's place, with a couple stops along the way for ice cream and some sight seeing. I stayed with Liam and Pam at her parents house for a few days, they live in Longpoint on the shore of the hugest lake I've ever seen, about 50kms wide. the weather has been really hot, around 40 degrees C so made use of the lake quite a bit! Now I'm staying at Gopher dunes motor cross park with Track owner Derek schuster and his girlfriend Kerry. So far everyone has been really friendly and interested in the strange South African accent, but it makes for a good conversation starter. One girl evan asked "whats wrong with your voice?" On Sunday I was taken to Pottahawk, it's a once a year gathering on the lake shore where everyone who owns a boat docks and has a party in knee deep water. News reported there were around 2000 boats. It can be best described as woodstock on the water, was loads of fun and definitely something new for me! Today I went to Gopher with Liam, he was filming all day with some other dudes for the local news network, It's there national this weekend so there's alot of hype around the event. Really looking forward to watching Liam tear it up, haven't seen him ride in ages!

Check out some photos from my trip so far in the following post, in no particular order but I'm sure you will figure it out!

Ride safe,

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