Monday, July 13, 2009

Fox Forward TV

Sorry this post is so late, been real busy since we filmed for Fox forward TV and haven't really been able to sit down and update my blog! So here's what went down...

On Friday the 3rd July Jonty, Kyle, Lloyd, camera man Zane and myself headed up to the World cup track at Cascades to do some filming for Fox Forward TV. When we got there we found that half the track was missing because of all the tree's that had been taken out by Sappi. This bothered me a bit coz the first jump we had to do was the one I broke myself on earlier this year, so I was really scared to be honest, my heart rate was going crazy while I was sitting at the top of the run up waiting for the go ahead from Zane, but I managed to put the bad memories behind me and nailed the gap first time, I was really happy with that, felt a huge sense of relief once I had done it another 4 times! We used what was available to us and got some very cool footage, mostly jump shots over the big tables and into the fast gully section. I'm looking forward to seeing what the final cut is going to look like. Kyle and Jonty were really sick, so big high fives to them for taking one for the team and riding!! Will keep you all updated and let you know when it's going to be aired on supersport.
Check out for more photos and write up. Thanks to Lloyd for the awesome photos
Ride safe!

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